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Active partners

Edutainment is a big and ongoing responsibility…these partners help:

*Paarl Post
 - Stay tuned in with Radio KC to speak peaks of the next Paarl Post
 - Paarl Post and Radio KC are both local media platforms, doing their best to keep the community informed.

* Thorp Paarl
 - Have you spotted the KC team driving around…thanks to the Thorp Paarl team, we are doing it in style with our sponsored car.  Wave and hoot is you spot us.

* Afrikaanse Taalmonument
 - Not just a monument, but also a destination, venue and activity.  A must see!  Radio KC is proud to act as media partner.

* Koinonia
 - Where it all started.  Koinonia is one of the oldest partners to Radio KC.  We are privillaged to have such wonderful friends, supporting us througout the years.


The following partners made our move to Breda Street 107 a reality


JLK Contruction

S & T Infrastruxe Projects

Easylife Kitchens

Build – It

Solomon’s Glass


Radio KC would also like to acknowledge our ongoing partners

AC Rottweiler Security

Drakenstein Sakekamer

Cape Chamber of Commerce