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School News is a platform for schools to report what is happening on their schools by 4 young reporters. We get them to learn how to compile, research and read their School's News for a whole week on air as part of a Special Feature on the KC Feel Good Breakfast Show hosted by @Bandile Xhosa, @Tamryn Paulse and @Gustav Skippers. 

The School News Team sends us their News everyday and gets compiled for On-Air play at 07:10 on Radio KC every day. They visit the studio every Friday live on air and talk about their experience and play some fun games with the Breakfast Show team. Currently more than 40 schools in the Drakenstein Municipality including Paarl, Wellington, Saron, Gouda en Simondium takes part in this project. A diverse group of school kids gets selected to take part including Headboys and Headgirls, Sports Achievers and Academic Achievers as well as the outspoken scholars. 

School News is Proudly Sponsored by Foundation Stones Guest House. 

Join the Radio KC School News Project by calling Bandile Xhosa at Radio KC 107.7FM on +27 (0)21 871 1438 or email: 

Friday, April 12, 2019 - 08:10